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“I am writing this letter because when someone does an exceptional job I think they should be told so. A couple of months ago, I went searching for a new credit card company, as the one I was currently using was charging me random fees and not being accountable, and they were very difficult to work with. So, I went online and entered a site called I immediately started getting calls, one after another, and I started working with a company…. It seemed like a good fit, but as soon the account process started, it was red tape and false promises right off the start (i.e quoting me certain advantages and services but when the contracts were presented it was a different story than told to me over the phone). I immediately became suspicious and put them on the back burner, so to speak. Then I got a call from Ran Beng, an associate from Money Man 4 Integrity. She was very pleasant and even helped answer my questions about Discover & the other two sites regarding how we can get Cash Flow & Business Loans from money man. I learn a lot at please let me know when you have other programs too.

I was still a bit weary and cautious of who I could trust due to the prior experience I had with my previous merchant service provider, but Ran gave me the simple terms right away via e-mail; something the other provider was not willing to do. At that point, I knew I was dealing with a straight-shooter, allowing a level of trust and even friendship to develop over our next conversations. In short, I was set up and running with Money Man 4 Integrity that day. Ran is an exceptional associate for any company and frankly, Money Man 4 Integrity is lucky to have her. In all my dealings with people in business, I can count her caliber of expertise in what she does on one hand. If Ran ever decides to change her line of work, I would hire her in no time flat; in fact, Ran has an immediate position with Servis if she ever decides to move on!”<<