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“Ran, I thank you very much for all of your help. I started to look into alternative options back in November of 2008 and spent a lot of time researching for a merchant service provider. Some respondents to my inquiries were informative and some were a bit too persistent… Not only did you offer me a good deal, but you were the only one who continued to reassure me that you would be there to help me at any time. Even when I sent emails at night or on the weekends, you always seemed to be there (at least, electronically). I really did not expect to reach you under those circumstances, but you frequently got back to me while I was still online, despite my being on CST and you being on EST. Your work ethic is awesome and you are a real credit to Money Man 4 Integrity. The personal integrity and fidelity with which you carry out tasks speaks volumes about your character and as a salesperson who goes above and beyond what I expected. Thanks again!”<<