Advantage club 

Integrity Advantage: Insurance for your equipment

  • Boarding
    • Sign up and install equipment
    • No minimum processing applicable for new on boarded merchants.
  • Upgrades: Occurs when
    • Merchants upgrade to a new equipment
    • If the terminal manufacturer stops supporting the equipment
    • A nominal fee of $125 is applicable
    • Min amount of $5000 must be processed for existing customers.
  • Breakage: Occurs when machines fail
    • Faulty equipments due to wear and tear
    • Damaged due to moving shop
    • Whatever the reason, we replace one equipment per year – free of cost.
    • Please note you can’t upgrade. It’s a swap – machine to machine, model to model.
    • Ideally, the equipment must reach the merchant the next morning.


Our range of products is easy to use. These equipments are very intuitive for merchants to use easily.

  • Verifone VX520
  • PAX S80

Merchants are able to:

  • Avail 1 terminal, one pin per MID
  • Incase if your terminal is faulty, you can swap the same kind of equipment.
  • You cannot replace a different model as it’s coded and you will need Money Man 4 Integrity to set it up for you. The best path is to request an upgrade.

Equipment Returns

When equipment is installed at the merchant outlet, it is set up in a way where it is associated to a serial number.  So for efficient equipment returns process, the Integrity sends a call tag to the merchant, who then gives the terminal to the UPS, at last the Integrity, receives the terminal with the tracking.

Call tracking is associated with a serial number. Businesses and sales reps are requested not to take this up on yourself to send the terminal yourself- however urgent or crucial it is.

Example: “Doe Jane café” is associated with Cafe123 as serial number. Moving this to another location without the correct serial number is going to create a lot of confusion.