Payments can be simply received from your smart phone!

Accept all credit card payments and keep track of your sales and inventory. If you are on the go take your business with you anywhere with the SwipeSimple mobile app.

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Don’t worry, this has a quick and easy setup, begin taking credit card and cash payments quickly, we have tech support 24/7 available for you. Your customers can adjust tips and sign through the mobile device, they can also receive the receipt through an email or a text.

Beyond accepting credit cards on a mobile device, it also allows merchants to:

  • Manage multiple users
  • Manage multiple locations
  • Track inventory
  • Use multiple devices with just one swiper
  • Access detailed transaction reporting anytime and anywhere
  • Leverage overnight money express
  • Set an automatic batch out time
  • Set tip amounts and taxable items
  • Email or print receipts
  • Avoid expensive POS system and cancel at any time

3Understand what, when and where your customers are buying

Know everything about what is selling best in your business and also know at what time are your customers buying certain articles. Check out what location is having more sales (and which one not so much), this powerful reporting tool can help you make better decisions for your business.

Get instantly key insights

Have the information you need at your fingertips, with only selecting on your visual dashboard you can monitor in real time all the summaries.

Analyze your data your own way


Use your data however you prefer, export transactions data into a CVS format to integrate with the software you like.

Analyze data your own way. Seamlessly export transaction data in CSV format, for easy integration with your favorite accounting and analytics software


Live updates

Get a real-time update of the quantity of each item in your inventory wherever you are.

Interconnecting all your devices

All updates made on one device can be seen by the rest and in your web dashboard.

Manage your inventory

Edit item name, price, taxability, quantity, details and SKU. You can also add new items quickly into your inventory.


Customize your transaction settings

Edit tips, offline mode, taxes and signatures for all terminals and accounts with one simple log-in.

Create multiple user accounts for staff

Create multiple log-ins for staff and for different locations, with our SwierSipmle’s fast onboarding process.

Create and send customized the receipts

Create your receipts with a customized brand messaging of your own, and they can be sent through email and text to your customers.<<