Do you own a Computer, Mobile Device and a High Speed Internet Connection! Then all you need is Our Solution

A computer or mobile device can be used for a credit card terminal; this is the only thing that many merchants need. Our “Money Gate” system takes payments through a completely web-based process which is secure, inexpensive and easy. The only thing the merchant has to do is log into their account, then key in or swipe the transaction. The advantages of a virtual terminal is that the merchant can key in transactions and start accepting cards immediately. This is very convenient, low cost and a quick-start solution for small and medium size business owners. If the merchant is using a card swiper, their equipment can be shipped to them in one day and the virtual terminal can be used until the swiper arrives.

This will increase productivity and profits!

Credit Cards Merchant Accounts

Moneyman4integrity offers merchant account card processing to United States based businesses. We offer customized payment solutions and merchants can easily manage card payments. Reliable card acceptance services are provided. Credit cards merchant accounts service and processing merchant account services are provided to a large number of businesses. We provide the facility for merchant processing for restaurants, mobile credit card processing etc. Tailored made payment solutions are provided and Credit card merchant online is done with a great deal of security. Our credit card merchant processing is done through a secured gateway. So, you can rely upon us for credit cards merchant services, merchant account card processing and Mobile credit card processing online.


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