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Our Investment Committee brings decades of industry expertise in driving our investment approach, portfolio construction, and allocation advice. The committee ensures our investments are best in class, combining substantiated research with the most effective investing tools.



Business Owner

“Hi Michael, just a quick follow-up…After such an excruciating journey trying to establish a new merchant services account, I wanted to say that your company has provided great customer service so far and any questions I’ve had are answered immediately.  Thanks for your assistance getting us set-up. I’m glad I found you!”



Business Owner

“Thank you so much for getting this set up! My gosh – with your help it was ‘painless.’ I am a bit concerned with this account on the limits of any purchase, but totally understand – at the rate my web site is being revised into a WordPress, I may be in ‘Shady Oaks’ before it is done! This is my 4th designer and he said it would only be a few days – when we began in May…But at least I can get this on. I am definitely going to refer to you because you were energetic and took care of everything…just the way people love. I so much appreciate your help. I would kill to find a graphic designer and WordPress guru with even 1/3 of your ‘get it done’ attitude! Please pass along my thanks to your manager and again, I will definitely refer your way. Warmly, Nelda”

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Dr. Antonia

Office of Mental Health Practitioner

“I wanted to say thank you for all of your help in getting my merchant account set up. I got my card reader today, and was able to start the processing using Therapy Appointment on Monday, which was such a relief. I got by first deposit today. I truly appreciate your understanding of the difficulty and urgency of my situation, and your help in getting me up and going so quickly. I really am enjoying the integration with Therapy Appointment as well – it is fantastic! With much gratitude and appreciation – Dr. Antonia”



Home Furniture, Furnishings and Equipment Stores

“I would like to take a few moments of your time to give a word of praise to your outstanding customer service employee Janelle Khan. We just signed up our new business with your company yesterday and I have to say she is one of the biggest reasons.  Like any new business owner should, I talked with several credit card processing companies. While I do believe your company is the best fit for our business, it was Janelle and her clear explanations, friendly manner and her sense of really caring about our business that sealed the deal to sign up with your company. In today’s market, so many say they care about customer satisfaction, but so few really give it. So, Janelle, keep up the good work. We look forward to doing business with you.”

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Business Owner

“Hello James, thanks so much for your efforts.  I am thrilled to have this problem fixed as it has been a headache for several years.  You are the first person that has dug deep enough to find the real cause of the problem.  For this I am very grateful.”


Gina M.

Women Clothing Store

“Wow! Thank you so much. I appreciate you taking the time to look everything over and getting back to me. As I had mentioned, I was already happy with Money Man 4 Integrity but if there was a significant savings then I would have to consider it of which that is not the case.

Money Man 4 Integrityhas been so great and is very customer service oriented. Ben Pye, especially has gone beyond and I greatly appreciate it. I also appreciate Ben taking time to teach me some things about it all. That’s pretty impressive from a big company like Money Man 4 Integrity. Have a good one and thanks again!”