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“I have been inspired to write to Money Man 4 Integrityabout your technician, Jennie Egboh. She is with no doubt one of the great people that work for your company. Jennie is a true superstar at Money Man 4 Integrityand is passionate about serving others. She stayed on the phone with my client, a POS agent and me for over 2 hours from 6:15pm to 8:30pm. The kicker-her shift ended at 6:30pm!

The next day, through her undying commitment of service, she set up a conference call with her director and the POS provider to resolve the issue, not only for my customer, but for future customers that many encounter the same problem. Thank you for hiring Jennie. She is a true leader; I appreciate her outstanding service and I am glad to be so fortunate to work with her.”<<