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“I appreciate the personal customer attention you gave my account when I first contacted Money Man 4 Integrity. When I did my research and decided that I needed to become a credit card merchant, I had no idea how the system worked. You were patient in explaining the different options available to me, and even offered to accommodate my request for an account and machine at the last minute so I was able to process credit cards at an upcoming event.

You fulfilled your promise and managed to get the machine into my hands in time for the event. My father (now deceased) was a salesman for 45 years, and instilled in me the importance of placing the customer first, so he would have been impressed with you. I consider your service to be above average, and as a representative of your company, I will happily recommend Money Man 4 Integrity services to any other merchants interested in accepting credit cards. In particular, I appreciate your personal dedication to my account, and highly commend your attitude as a prime example of ‘good customer service.’ Thank you very much!”<<