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“A few days ago, I visited the Money Man 4 Business web site and proceeded to inquires business loans for our new incorporated business. I requested a contact from your credit card services division. Much to my delight, I was contacted the very same day! With much apprehension, I answered my cell when I received a call from Mr. Lee Mailloux. I truly wasn’t interested in credit card services; I just wanted to be educated on the potential of having this option in the future.

Today, I can say I’m sure glad I answered that call! Lee’s customer service was un-parallel… These are the 3 reasons that I decided to move forward with Money Man 4 Integrity credit card services:

1) Complete patience and detailed explanations of your service options that Money Man 4 Integrity. Lee spoke to me as if I were his only client. He explained each option thoroughly and was genuinely interested in my business and me.

2) Idol chatter (yes, I said it). As we were going through the process, he would keep my attention with random questions and comments that didn’t pertain to the business at hand, but it had relevance with a genuine tone.

3) Follow-up. His callbacks and follow-up were timely, and had me feeling that I made the BEST decision that I have ever made from a telephone-marketing agent.

“I got your messages and am so grateful for all your help and patience. Between being out all day with clients and drowning in taxes, I haven’t gotten a chance to get back to you. I am so relieved you got this stress off my shoulders and look forward to seeing our money! Thank you for going above and beyond and following up with me twice!”<<