With RewardPay™ merchants can now add a credit card fee to the customers displayed price. RewardPay™ supports a variety of payment system. Customers can now pay with either debit card, cheques or in-store gift cards without attracting extra fees.  RewardPay™ is simply business transaction made easy. There are a lot of features that come with the program. These features are designed to effectively enhance business transactions, reduce processing time & funds delivery & deposit to your Bank same day you batch out Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays funds are deposited next Banking business day.


Eliminate Credit Card Processing Costs

With Money Man 4 Integrity RewardPay™, there are no additional charges for business card, special promotion cards, Discover or American Express card sales. You only pay for transactions with debit card using pin pad. You can process debit cards as regular charge card transaction without additional fee too.


Card Brand Compliant

Money Man 4 Integrity RewardPay™ is a fully compliant program for a more efficient and faster business transaction.


Customer Friendly

Money Man 4 Integrity RewardPay is customer friendly. Encourage your customers to pay with their debit cards to avoid additional fees. Credit card transaction fees are passed to customers.


Easy Setup

Enjoy easy setup with online plug and play equipment. Equipment are provided on the site to assist you with the setup process. A Software download is not required.


Transparency on all Transactions—No Hidden Charges

There are no hidden charges when you subscribe to Money Man 4 Integrity. All transactions are transparent, and all prices are final. With Money Man 4 Integrity, you know exactly what you are paying for.


Accept All Payments

Enjoy the ease of payment with Money Man 4 Integrity. Money Man 4 Integrity’s payment system accepts all kinds of payments including AndroidPay and ApplePay.

3 Things You Need to Know

Credit card fees can be added for every credit card transaction for Visa, MC, Discover, and Amex.

Businesses participating in non-compliant programs may attract fines from the card brands.

Prepaid and Debit cards must be blocked from adding surcharges to transactions.

Requirements for Card Brands (Discover/MC/visa)

Passing fees along to customers is possible. However, the customers must pay by Credit card. The business must also be in compliance with the Card Brands terms and conditions. Money Man 4 Integrity’s  plug and play technology are always available for assistance.

This process is very important, thanks to Money Man 4 Integrity that makes it easy. Money Man 4 Integrity handles the registration of your business and provides you with your registration details.

Money Man 4 Integrity has a payment technology that is designed for easy pay. The payment technology is designed to impose a 3.99% charge and also pays the credit card processing fees. Therefore, you no longer need to do that manually.

When you subscribe to Money Man 4 Integrity’s program, the new Money Man 4 Integrity payment technology identifies the fees as separate lines. These fees will appear on a separate line from the main purchase sum

Money Man 4 Integrity provides all the signs you need free of charge. If you run a pay-at-the-table business, it is our duty at Money Man 4 Integrity is to provide you signage. This signage will be used to inform customers of the credit card fees=.

Money Man 4 Integrity’s payment technology is designed to automatically detect if a card is debit or prepaid, cards. These cards will be processed for free without any charges.

The fees and the base amount will be calculated as a lump sum. This is one of the features I enjoy that is unique to this time machine.

To learn more about how to reduce charges, cost of savings, card compliance, and same-day funding don’t forget to contact us.