For retail business owners, cash flow is a significant concern. There are times when waiting for the money from your credit card transactions can be more than inconvenient… it can cost you! How fast can you get your money with Money Man 4 Integrity Payment Systems? Tomorrow morning! Overnight Money Express is a new technology-based service, from Money Man 4 Integrity Payment Systems.

This is your money… banks should not hold it longer than needed!

Many merchant processor companies make you wait days before your funds will be available for withdrawal. Companies say they have next day funding but funds are only posted; not available for use. With Money Man 4 Integrity’s Overnight Money Express, your money from your credit card transactions will be deposited by 12:01am the next business day. Funds from weekend sales will be available for use on Monday morning, even Sunday transactions!

When you are running your business, immediately accessible cash is best thing that you can have. An unexpected equipment breakage, supply shortage or plumbing problem; having your funds available to you now can readily solve these problems and keep your business running without unexpected closures. What can be more perfect than having your funds from the days transactions be available the very next day. With our Overnight Money Express, your funds are available for use by 12:01am the very next day.

Next day funding means deposited and available for use when needed.

  • When you pay late it will cause you to pay unnecessary fees.
  • The inability to accept deliveries will cause loss of revenue.
  • What if something at your business needs repair and your business is affected—but the money in your account is not available for use.
  • You many have numerous of reasons why you need to have cash readily available!

For funds from your weekend credit card transactions not to be deposited into your account until later in the next week, or when sales from weekday transactions not to be available the, this can start problems and headaches that can be avoided. Overnight Money Express Program is a new technology-based service from Money Man 4 Integrity Payment Systems. It is a Value Added service, to help businesses and assist with solving most common business problems.

If you are processing with Money Man 4 Integrity Payment Systems and not taking advantage of this Value Added service: Call our Value Added specialist in our customer service department to inquire more about Overnight Money Express.

If you are not processing with Money Man 4 Integrity Payment Systems: Our Value Added specialist is anxiously awaiting your call to explain Overnight Money Express and other Value Added services. You will also be given a free, no obligation evaluation of your current processor pricing which will help you figure out if you are being priced properly. Simply call 888.88.CASH.1 ext. 0 for assistance.

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